AMS Core Business is supplying our customers with add value solutions for their capital investment.


AMS is primarily a Global agency specializing in the sale of capital equipment for the Electronics Industry , However we do sell Pre-owned machinery from time to time from one side to help our original suppliers selling their Demo / Application or Training machines and from the other side to help our customers that would like to change or upgrade their production platform.


All machines are Refurbished, cleaned and ready for production. We can sell also "as is" upon your request.


Welcome, plaese have a look in our inventory and don't hesitate to contact us any time if you have any requirement.



  • Assembleon / Yamaha - Topaz-XII SF / YV100Xg

  • Assembleon / Yamaha - Opal-XII / YV100Xgp

  • BTU - Pyramax 75A Reflow Soldering Oven

  • DEK - Horizon 03i Screen Printer

  • Promass - Laser Marking

  • Nutek - Single magazine Loader / Unloader

  • Assembleon / Yamaha - MG-1R SF / YG100RB

  • Dima - Atoz Pick & Place machine

Feel free to contact us any time at with all your requirements.